Sunday, 25 April 2010

youtube sundays - john lewis: never knowingly undersold

music plays a big part in commercials/adverts. british departmental store john lewis's latest advert recites the journey of a woman, from young to old, pulling our heart strings, sending the message that we can rely on the store for generations as they are never knowingly undersold.

the beautiful piece of music accompanying the advert was "always a woman to me" performed by fyfe dangerfield, lead singer of the guillemots. it is a beautiful cover of the billy joel classic, and i hope it would be released as a single soon.

if you like this advert, you might also like their previous advert released around christmas 2009, featuring a cover of "sweet child o'mine" by swedish folk band "taken by trees".

nice heart warming adverts featuring children and motherly figures and beautiful music, john lewis sure knows how to pull our heart strings. great branding i feel.



  1. Ahhhh a British Icon. This is probably one of their best adverts - they tend to be a tad mundane and predictable! The concept lacks abit of originality but the cinematography (televisionography) is however, beautiful! I almost wish they would push the boat out and create something so unique and different from what we expect from them! But hey they their core shopper is of the older generation.

    Yours truly


  2. that's a very lovely ad. thanks for sharing! :)

  3. So beautiful! I hope you don't mind I post the link to my FB page.


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