Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Christian Louboutin at his new West Hollywood boutique

christian louboutin / credit: getty images

christian louboutin attended the grand opening of his new store in west hollywood last week, and signed autographs on those famous red soles. i love the straw hat he wore, and that he did not shy away from colors: the blue straw hat with the yellow trim, the lilac suit to the green watch bezel, right down to the red soled shoes. spring, has arrived.

christian louboutin sneakers / credit: getty images

of course, the whole point of the post is that we have new pictures from his men's sneakers collection. the golden square mesh seems like a sensible progression from those dangerous studs. and i am really in love with that simple but utterly perfect pair of sneakers on the right. simple and nondescript, just the way i like them.

christian louboutin / credit: getty images

i love monsieur louboutin's straw hat from lacoste. it really goes well with his soft pastel suit. all is full of love. ok i need to go visit his store in london soon to see what new mens shoes have arrived.



  1. Is it just me or are the shoes for men just getting better and better?

  2. it's definitely getting better. i love it that the shoes could be simple but well made, and yet recognisable by the red soles. and it's rubber soles, won't wear off!

    i need a pair.


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