Monday, 31 May 2010

Ermenegildo Zegna x Girard Perregaux limited edition centennial watch

pictures credit: ermenegildo zegna

i walked past new bond street last saturday, and the amazing display at ermenegildo zegna stopped me in my tracks. against the backdrop of a huge watch was an exquisite timepiece, and a special magnifying lense on the window for all to marvel at the intricacies of the watch. and before i had time to say "not another fashion watch", that was actually a special time piece created by Swiss watch maker, girard perregaux.

created by, but not created with it seems.

the watch is absolutely gorgeous. i love everything about it: the sheer simplicity in design, right down to the rose gold casing and black alligator strap. as part of zegna's 100th birthday celebrations, they commissioned girard perregaux to create a limited edition of 100 watches (widely reported to be 100, but zegna's facebook page said it was edition of 350...).

as much as i love zegna's watch, i beg to question why is the watch so similar to girard perregaux's "1966 annual calendar and equation of time", hence the previous connotation of "created by, but not created with". fashion houses collaborating with specialist watch makers isn't an entirely new concept. in 2009, ralph lauren developed an exquisite range of time pieces with piaget, iwc and jaeger lecoultre. i gasped and really marveled at the beautiful designs, which were designed in-house at ralph lauren and movements provided by the swiss watch specialists.

in my personal opinion, i felt that zegna could have put their stamp on a really exciting watch design on this special occasion, rather than seemingly lending their name to a girard perregaux watch. the watch retails for £21,000. which agains beg the question: if i am willing to spend £21,000, would i go for the zegna x girard perregaux, or the girard perregaux, considering both designs are so similar?

regular readers would know that i am on the search of a timepiece. beautiful as the watch might be, my search for the watch continues...


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