Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Joe Casely-Hayford for John Lewis

after reading about style salvage steve's droolicious shoes from joe-casely hayford for john lewis, i made it a point to go check out the collection at john lewis. the collection was small but filled with many beautiful pieces. i thought the jackets were outstanding in terms of price points and fit.

one of two pieces i tried on was this sumptuous cardigan, made from merino wool and suede. yes, a suede front cardigan. what's more amazing is the price point: it retails for £99. however it was made known to me that they reduced the prices last week, down from £150. a quiet price reducing strategy before the mad summer sales reductions. i don't think my pic does the cardigan any justice, it really does feel and look amazing.

another item that i tried was the floral shirt in liberty art fabrics. loud as it seems, but i thought it will work very well underneath a sweater or cardigan.

a closer look at the floral shirt

i really like the fit and feel of the fabrics. i actually walked away from both pieces, but i think i might revisit again. i am still thinking about the wool/suede cardigan... and the shirt...

great partnership between joe casely-hayford and john lewis. i hope the collaboration will continue next season.



  1. Guess that's the beauty of living in London, u got to find lots of great bargains on loads of nice things, envy, envy...

    Loving the cardigan, but can't use them down here, unless u're constantly in a AC room the whole time, even a cotton cardigan can make u break a sweat here in Indonesia :(

  2. I love EVERYTHING about this!!!!

  3. Visualise u looking good in the 3.1 philip lim cardi, no longer in your wishlist?

  4. I'm loving the cardigan, and you look nice in the modeling shot :)
    Great blog you have here, love those photos you took.

  5. oh yea that 3.1 phillip lim cardi, what happened to it hehe. think i replaced it with the cashmere sweater on the wishlist panel.

    too many clothes, too little space!

  6. Excellent pairing with the cardigan and the floral print shirt.

  7. oh my god! i envy your missoni-converse sneakers!!! super. sheesh. lucky you. :P

  8. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  9. Nice missoni sneakers!


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