Saturday, 8 May 2010

JvdF lizard skin and vintage silk accessories

passport case in lizard skin and vintage silk lining / credit:

earlier this morning, french online store studiohomme asked which brands we would like to see on their site/store. i thought it was a great idea, to involve shoppers and readers and sound out potential new labels to bring to the store. when i met designer sjaak hullekes in milan earlier this year, i mentioned that oki-ni is a very interesting store and that it could be a good fit for them. so on the way to work, i pondered about studiohomme's twit, and replied to say michael bastian, jvdf and jack spade. all three american designers whose work i am very keen on but stocklist rather limited in europe.

i previously featured jvdf on here before. designer justin von der fehr (with a name like this, how could you not succeed?!) creates really beautiful accessories, predominantly in lizard skin (my favourite exotic skin) and lined with vintage silk (another of my favourite, vintage).

there's a certain old school charm about these pieces, like hand-me-downs which i never had. the pieces are all customisable: colors of the lizard skins, the stitching and the vintage silk lining. the gold logo is so beautifully etched on, apparently with an original 1950s heat press.

the respect and authenticity, it is no longer just a wallet, it means more. i think it's such a great find. apparently the paul smith shop (the really rustic and beautiful store at covent garden) in london stocks some of jvdf's pieces. i really should drop by for a look see soon.

besides a watch, i'm not one for much wrist accessories. however i really like this wrist tie, again made from vintage silk and lizard leather. as the quantity of vintage silk is limited, only 1oo of these were made. limited really by constraints. i would gladly swap my silk tie for this, anyday. gorgeousness.

his range of accessories is very limited at this moment. because of his choice in vintage fabrics and exotic skins, the development of his range could be impacted. but there's no hurry for global domination, i am really loving everything right now. i look forward to seeing more variations soon.

no i am not provided with any PR material. i am just... happy, to find something like that. it is things like that, stories like these which sparked my interest in blogging. to find out about interesting stuff, the less beaten path. all is full of love.

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