Tuesday, 18 May 2010

'Le Carrosse Noir And The Loubi's Angels' by Christian Louboutin

the 63rd cannes film festival is in full swing and the whole world seemed to have descended on that sunny riviera. amongst the various shows and parties, christian louboutin staged a presentation at the palm beach casino earlier today, called 'le carrosse noir and the loubi's angels'.

several of his unisex designs were presented, including the black and white studded "freddy" flats. the two tone combination, coupled with the wide legged trousers made it looked really jazzy. it is also channeling a very "michael jackson" vibe.

from jazz it seemed to then move onto street dance. the studded "louis" sneakers was paired with black socks and shorts, and a pair of sturdy legs. very nice, i like it. with such an attention grabbing pair of sneakers, the rest of the outfit should be kept simple.

there's also a pair of the studded "louis" sneakers in gold colored leather. it's not doing anything for me unfortunately.

monsieur louboutin himself wore a pair of the black/grey "rantus" canvas sneakers. i thought it complimented his grey suit and bow tie perfectly. he even matched his blue/yellow lacoste straw hat to the rather scary thigh high boots that the "loubi's angels" were wearing.

fun loving. i'm looking forward to seeing more men's shoes from monsieur louboutin.

pic credits: getty images



  1. I dont really like the gold louis! They looked sprayed!

  2. reminds me PRADA's previous men's shoes, but bolder

  3. The first two look better! After being derided for year, Michael Jackson's style seems to have become fashionable, after his death. How very typical. Sadly!


  4. love the gold ones. crazy.


  5. the studded sneakers aren't necessarily a look i'd adopt, but i can definately see the appeal. and yet again, another inspired and well written post


  6. he's such a cute babe in his hoop! i might need to blog about it!
    the studs are tacky though, and the hoop is NOT

  7. the sneakers don´t look nice at all!!!


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