Monday, 24 May 2010

Mika in Christian Louboutin glittery/embellished "Louis" sneakers

mika performing in milan, april 2010 / getty images

it's always a joy watching mika perform on stage. the flamboyant singer is a good friend of shoe designer christian louboutin, so it's no surprise that mika almost exclusively wore the latter's shoes for his concerts.

on three separate concerts in morocco, italy and amsterdam, mika wore a pair of christian louboutin's sneakers which i've not seen before: silver glittery/embellished body with taupe suede leather.

mika performing in morocco, may 2010 / getty images

i thought the glittery sneakers worked really well with his stylish but plain colored stage outfits. and of course the red soles added another dimension, a dash of colors. not sure if the sneakers were custom made for mika's tours, but i hope it would be put into production. as compared to the studded "louis" sneakers, i would chose the glitter ones, hands down.

mika performing in amsterdam, may 2010 / getty images

l00o00ve mika. l00o00ve christian louboutin sneakers.



  1. they're covered in swarovski crystals. M. Louboutin's assistant had them on when I went to the signing event last month. they'll be available as a part of the Fall 2010 collection and will also come in black suede with silver crystals.

  2. Love the Swarovski Louis, but a three figure pair of sneakers is enough for me, I have word that these are in the four figure range (and not the lower end...)

  3. are they similar to these?

    have u seen these btw?

    all of these are swizz beats' btw

  4. Mika suckssssss!!!!!! and sorry, but Louboutin should stop the sneaker collection: bad taste!!!

    1. mika is the beat singger in the world u suck !!! :p


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