Tuesday, 11 May 2010

my new shoes, Christian Louboutin "Rantus"

last week i blogged about the new christian louboutin shop opening in west hollywood. one of the pictures showed a beautiful pair of clean cut white canvas shoe, and i knew at that point that was the pair for me. the ones with the studs are pretty, but i really like my shoes simple and classic. many times i visited the shop and they've always run out in my size, not this time!

the calf leather and canvas sneakers really is simple and classic: a metallic logo on the side and their signature red soles. no bells no whistles just the very way i like it. by the way, i can't differentiate "louis" from "rantus". anyone shed some light? (toe caps??)

i was actually contemplating between the white canvas one i bought, and the cream fabric/satin version with white pipings below:

the cream fabric version looks more luxurious, but knowing me i would probably step into a puddle on day 1. the fabric would be a nightmare to clean. sounds odd, but i could wear the white canvas shoe anywhere, get some stains and it will all add to it. much like a well beaten pair of sneakers. click here for another pic of my shoe before leaving the mount street store, against their signature red carpet.

if interested, i would recommend that you go a size down as it fits better.



  1. I wish you well to wear them...

    However, they just look like a pair of nok off All stars to me but with a red sole! Sorry, who am I to judge! However, I stand by my opinion that, fashion houses etc have still not got it right when it comes to the mens sports shoe/trainer/ sneaker! Even my beloved Alber Elbaz failed - in my humble opinion.

    Yours Truly


  2. Like them pretty much! BAM!

    i bought mine a half size smaller!
    You will so fuckin love them! I feel naked without mine : D

  3. I like them! what was the retail price on this?


  4. amazing! can I ask you a very personal question? how much were they? Sorry!

  5. i love the cream one more. but yours is still beautiful. and surely, its style will last forever.

  6. Categorically NOT a fan of designer sneakers, but I really do like these, as they aren't flashy with logos and whatnot. A good buy, I think. LLGxx

  7. Wonder the price though. In Indonesia the price was 7.9 million Rupiah and about 870 USD.


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