Monday, 10 May 2010

my new shoes, Zara suede zip up boots

i tell myself not to buy any more high street shoes, but i could not resist this beautiful suede number from zara, spain's biggest fashion export. it all happened as i had 15mins to spare before my haircut appointment. as i took the escalator down to the menswear section at their regent street store, the mannequin with the gorgeous suede shoes greeted me:

and i tell myself: i NEED to have them, or at least try them on since i have 15mins to kill.

when i noticed that the boots came with a side zip, i was instantly sold. it was perfect for the lazy boy in me. and for £69 i could not fault it at all. i couldn't even wait to think about it over my haircut, i lugged it to the cashier straight away.

there's something really pretty about gold etchings/stamping on leather. i really like it. if i could have my way, everything in my wardrobe would be stamped in gold letterings.

semi rubber soles make it just that bit more practical. i was pleasantly surprised that the shoes were actually hand made, not something that i would associate with fast fashion retailing.

the boots as seen on their lookbook. i don't really like the overall styling, especially the much pushed boots in trousers look. zip up the boots and put your trousers over it already.

love the boots that doesn't come with chunky soles. i can't wait to wear it come smart casual fridays in the office.



  1. Very nice - got to wear them over your jeans though, otherwise why wear boots? They won't look that special tucked under jeans - besides, they look as though they flare out; you're not gonna get your skinnies over that!

    Whilst in Zara, did you see the black, cropped blazer (with the waistcoat detailing)? Just love it - looks like Dior from a few years ago - if only I wasn't saving for my Bali trip, I'd snap it up... hope it's still there in a months time!

  2. kevin has the jacket, and you have the boots. i wonder who got the jeans and the model?


  3. i love the shoes. and yes, boots are better with discreet soles. i like the black jeans too.

  4. Now I regret buying my 50th pair of desert boots in green. Those are way cooler...

  5. They look awesome all styled up.

  6. Where can I get these online?


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