Monday, 10 May 2010

my new shoes...

yes i succumbed to the hype. if you've been following my tweets, you would have known which pair i got. in case you're wondering, the ladies shoes have red dust bags with white letterings, while the coloring for men is reversed.

my first and i doubt will be my last pair of louboutin shoes. and oh, it was a rather crazy weekend. this was the second pair of shoes i bought on saturday. more shoes pics soon!



  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you did it!!! :D
    Great for you!!! So i think that you bought some Louis Sneakers --> mine look the same when they are in the dustbag ;)

  2. by the way nice choice ; )

  3. You got the Louis sneakers! Congrats:-P

  4. Love the shoebag, hehe. And excellent choice on the sneakers. Congrats! <3

  5. Ahem.. ladies dustbags are red with black lettering :) Yay to your shoes!

  6. shoes are the best choice to gift anyone at least in male community, last weekend I'm gifted by my friend with k swiss trainers, I'm so happy.


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