Monday, 31 May 2010

Topman AAA collection

every last friday of the month is "fashion friday" at topman. i went along to last friday's event, where the beers were flowing, the dj playing a live set, barbers offering complimentary haircuts, and also to see the launch of their new "AAA" collection.

nothing to do with credit ratings of bonds or companies, "AAA" is a new rock & roll inspired collection from topman. with an almost total black and white palette, the emphasis is then on cuts, textures and fabrics.

the first look that caught my eye was the black glitter shawl collared jacket. i really like it, i thought the glitter effect on the collar made a simple jacket looked more stylish. i didn't find it very rock & roll at all, in fact i thought this would be great for smart dinners. how versatile.

i tried to take a close up of the glitter collar, but the effect isn't showing as much as i would like to on my pics. during last week's "topman ctrl" music tour, the lead singer of "the futureheads" wore the exact same jacket. i really like the whole effect, definitely the stand out piece for me.

the glitter shawl collared jacket is also available online here.

"the futureheads" performing at "topman ctrl" newcastle / pic credit: topman ctrl

i also like this vest with asymmetric zips. i don't really like the styling here, i think it's more fishermen than biker chic. the vest is also available online here, and the model did a much better job showcasing the biker vest.

perhaps my favourite of them all, the piece that fits in with my style, is this black asymmetric zip cardigan. the asymmetric zip makes the cardigan looks more interesting. i really like it, i didn't really get to try it on, but i will the next time i am in store.

the cardigan is also available online here.

dashing in and out of the "fashion friday" lounge, mingling with guests and dishing out style advice, is topman's in-house stylist terry-james lynch. while on the way to the event, topman twittered a pic of terry with frankie from pop band "the saturdays". and i said to myself: i need a pic of terry's shoes!

if you thought the sneakers looked brand spanking new, it is. terry bought the studded christian louboutin "louis" sneakers at 5pm earlier that day, and promptly wore them from 6pm onwards. mine (sans studs) is still in the box, waiting for a weekend when it will stop raining! a-maz-inggg, i want those studded sneakers too.

i had a great time last friday, spent the evening chatting away although my initial intention was to try all of those "AAA" pieces. i'll do it the next time i'm in store then.

the full collection is now available online too, click here for more info.



  1. I wouldn't mind that shimmering collar coat for myself actually. Pretty cool pieces. And the in house stylist, quite a handsome fella.

  2. Really nice blog,good your work, I love Topman I think is the most fashionalbe brand with affordable prices!!!

  3. Excellent!

  4. excelente coleccion

    saludos desde Argentinaa!!!

  5. thank goodness for your post. I can barely make out any of the collection on the Topman site with how dark the lighting is!

  6. Topman never disappoints me

  7. I blindly (I say that because the pictures were so dark on the website that I couldn't see any detailing) a few of the pieces and to be honest I was really disappointed with the quality of the clothing for the (very high!) price I paid which is a real shame because they "look" lovely.

  8. Ah! Those studded louboutns are incredible. Love these topman shots. Wish we had one here in Hawaii. Good thing you're able to order online! Like your blog.

    From Hawaii

  9. Nice shoes Terry! Like the Leather Jacket with the double zip!

  10. Wow! Top man does such a good job with clothes. Thanks for Sharing. I am lusting for that dinner coat. So chic.

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