Friday, 7 May 2010

a visit to Moët & Chandon maison in Epernay, Champagne

in the second of a three part series of my previous weekend getaway, here are some pics from our visit to moët & chandon's champagne house in epernay, situated in the champagne region in france. moët & chandon is the largest champagne house in france. currently under the louis vuitton moët hennessy (lvmh) umbrella, it was said that in good times, a bottle of moët gets popped every 2 seconds around the world. yea, quite a few bottles would have popped by the time you navigate to the end of the post!

we were guided to the underground cellars, and every part of the champagne making process was carefully narrated. the grapes, the turning of the bottles, the yeast, the carboon dioxide, the war, the napoleonic times. we also caught a glimpse of the room and garden which the founders lived in. i thought it was amazing that they dedicate a part of their resource to keep the tours going, to open up a part of their archives for all to see.

claude moët, the founder of the moet dynasty in 1743. chandon was actually their son-in-law a few generations down the line. the latter helped grew the champagne house, and the business was later named moët & chandon.

for around €27, you get a 1hr guided tour around the underground cellars where the bottles were stored. the guide would also narrate the glorious history of the champagne house, and explain in pretty lay man terms how the manufacturing process works for both moët & chandon and dom perignon. it wouldn't be a proper session without some champagne tasting at the end. i opted for two glasses of their 2003 grand vintage. the rosé is by far my favourite.

the dom perignon porcelain champagne cup as designed by karl lagerfeld. yes, it was fabled that the cup was shaped after german supermodel claudia schiffer's busoms. i'll let you decide.

i really enjoyed the trip. we learnt something along the way, and had a nice drink after. perfection. visit for more info about the tours.


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