Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dior Homme Spring Summer 2011

dior homme presented their spring summer 2011 collection on saturday. against a pallete of black, white and cream, the emphasis was on the cuts and drapings. i don't feature dior homme on here very often, i think i missed the boat completely even when hedi slimane was in the house. i just didn't quite get the hype surrounding it. just how do you solve a problem like dior homme? there was no menswear archive to look back to as the couturier himself did not establish the menswear line. an option would be to create clothes the designer would like to wear. and hence i always find a hint of kris van assche in dior homme. i really would love to see galliano and van assche work more closely to bring the two lines together. i would like to see a dior homme collection that suggests a hint of grandeur and opulence that is very much associated with the house of dior.

i still love this collection, a few pieces that i have my eye on, but it's more clinical, subdued and very much van assche then christian dior himself.

i never really took notice of model james smith in prior seasons, but he seemed to have risen through the ranks for the spring summer 2011 collections. the moody melancholic gaze, and those other worldly blue eyes. very good presence, i sense several campaigns coming up.

kris van assche for dior homme spring summer 2011

dior, not war. but just how do we solve a problem like dior homme?

pics credit: GQ/, getty images



  1. I had the same thoughts when I've looked at the collection early today. I can't understand why people go nuts for something that boring. This is like the 3rd collection in-row that come in these monochrome colours and not only him. I can say the same for Ann Demeulemeester, Damir Doma and Neil Barett. I respect every designer, but I can't see them work with different kind of fabrics, shapes and colors.

  2. the collection is pretty ok to me. but yeah, it doesn't spell dior homme much. and i think we need variety here.. everyone tries to be different in their designs but they end up to look the same anyway.

  3. There are some nice pieces @ Dior Homme, but the Hedi Slimane era is so much a part of my heart (like THE TOM FORD ERA especially at YSL) that things after that just don't stir me like hedi's did. That suited cape is very interesting and that bag is very nice too. The brand must be doing well, since I've noticed they are opening more Dior Homme stores. I'm always shocked when people that buy Dior Homme don't know that Hedi left years ago. Reminds me of this article where some LVMH ceo said something along the lines that Dior Homme doesn't have to sell because it's Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Dior Homme has to sell because it's Dior Homme.

  4. James Smith's eyes are like Nicole Kidman's.

  5. Thank you for covering Dior Homme. I have to say that starting with SS10, but in particular with AW10 and now with the first look at SS11 the house has really hit its stride.

    There is a strong, ungimmicky asthetic. Balance between design and luxury. The mix between directional and hardy perennials is, again, well judged.

    When I look at other great menswear business, I don't see many striking this balance so well.

  6. Couldn´t agree more!
    And...where are the bags?
    Please, solve the Problem!

  7. May be this collection disappointed by most but I actually kind of found it acceptable. Being a huge fan of hedi slimane I didn't like KVA's previous collections for dior homme. But this one reminds me of the famous collection by hedi, the spring 2002 (boys don't cry), especially the V-neck shirt. Those boys don't cry stuff are really the dior homme aesthetic I think. At least I feel like KVA is going back to the time when he worked with Hedi.
    And you are right, James Smith is PERFECT! But the you know what, first thing that came into my mind was....who was his plastic surgeon..XD

  8. That asian male model's body is spankin'!


what's he wearing?