Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dunhill Spring Summer 2011

dunhill presented their spring summer 2011 collection in paris last sunday. it is challenging for a company with such a rich heritage, to bring in a relatively young designer to shake things up. i think kim jones has always treaded very carefully, and in the words of tim blanks: managing the needs of dunhill and what kim jones wants. i love it that the explorer theme is omnipresent in dunhill's collections, so it should be as cliche as it sounds, it is the brand's DNA.

with the jackets more fitted, the trousers hem lines raised, the heritage emblems unearthed from the archives and the silhouettes trimmed, jones has subtly transformed the dunhill men.

my pick for model of the season: james smith (centre)

if you can look pass the rather overdone make-up and focus on what he is holding. several of the models walked down the runway clutching the book with a vintage looking cover. don't know what that is but i know i need it.

i usually shudder in fear when i see grown men in backpacks, but this seemed to work. the dunhill man is an explorer. really loving the parka and leather straps on the bag.

can you guess what he's holding? it's the ipad cover, but i can't quite make out how it looks like from the front. and it's interesting that a lot more designers are doing ipad covers as compared to the iphones. confidence that the ipads will really take off?

click here to see the entire collection from dunhill spring summer 2011.

and i must add: nice shoes from the collection!

pics credit: dunhill



  1. James Smith is totally my model of the season too, his face just jumps out so much at the moment!

  2. Why Paris not London.
    By the way, (i try to explain as clear as possible)i noticed that shoes in first pic, there are a colored line on its sole. These look similarly to one of my country's local brands. however, there come in different design.


what's he wearing?