Monday, 28 June 2010

Hermès Carré H watch designed by Marc Berthier

hermès will be releasing the above "carré h" watch this september. designed by architect marc berthier, the titanium cased watch is powered by swiss watch makers girard perregaux. the latter seems to be the movement of choice amongst some of the fashion houses who are going high end with their timepieces: ermenegildo zegna centennial watch, the upcoming bottega veneta "bvx" timepiece and now hermès carré h. no longer seen as "just another fashion watch", these timepieces are serious contenders amongst the bigger players out there.

limited to 173 pieces, the watch will retail for around €12,000.

the style is undeniably hermès, but for that price bracket there are a few watches that really "spoke" to me in terms of design and complications. i am still in the market, and actively searching for the watch. this is a considerable investment, so i should really take the time, pun not intended, to enjoy the selection process. the search continues.

pic credit: hermès / claude joray



  1. Y00o00 - have you picked up those asos notch sunglasses yet?

    Thinking of grabbing a pair myself and wondered if you'd still recommend them once seeing them in real life...

  2. anon: not yet. i've been wanting to get other stuff from asos, and including the sunglasses with it as it seems trivial just to buy the sunglasses by itself. but not found any other items i would like to get for now...

    i really like it, and for £12?! you get it and let me know how it feels lol


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