Thursday, 3 June 2010

Loewe "papelle" and Spooner + Watts "takeaway 01"

i don't want to call this an "inspiration or imitation" post, as i believe both started out with the same intention: to transform an ordinary everyday object, to let us take a second look at the things around us. in the words of spooner and watts, "extend the luxury of leather to the everyday, transforming the functional and keeping the throwaway".

based in east london, spooner and watts put a spin on classic designs by recreating some of our everyday items using leather, such as the envelope, lunchboxes and the takeaway carrier bag as pictured above. spanish luxury house loewe also recreated the shopper bags using smooth natural calf leather. going one step further, the leather carrier bags come with a discreet logo embossed on the front, and with metal studs/feet at the bottom.

clever, and i really do desire.

is the idea to challenge our thinking? would the bag be more desirable just because it is made out of a different material even though the paper and leather versions look pretty much identical? i thought the idea was pretty cool. i actually do recycle my carrier/shopping bags. back in schooling days, it was a shameless exercise to bring the designer carrier bags to school, because we just had one too many textbooks to lug to school. "oooh what did he get from versace?!". although i buy lots of gargantuan luggage/weekenders, for practicality reasons i like to take smaller bags with me when i am out and about on the weekends. the phone, cameras, wallet, coin pouch, keys, notepad and the occasional sunglasses just doesn't fit into the pockets of coats/trousers. i used to take a small ysl or selfridges bag out with me, a little satisfaction that i have a shopping bag with me so i don't feel the urge to shop, but these days i'm using a small denim bag which i got from one of the press days which i really love.

life story aside, i really like the leather carrier bags. makes me, and others around me take another look at a simple everyday object. i wouldn't go for the huge version on the right, but the smallest one on the somewhat overdone female model, looks apt. i love.

find out more about the bags here:
- spooner + watts leather accessories
- loewe "papelle" leather carrier bags

pics credit: spooner + watts / loewe



  1. i absolutely love it, the design may be based on paper bags, but it's still a great design and a successful exercise in chic simplicity

  2. couldn't say it better myself, well said!

  3. I really love the idea of these bags!! And I really want one!!!!!!!!! REALLY WANT ONE. :(

    but I know "made to order" means "you're too poor, go away"


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