Sunday, 20 June 2010

MFW Day 2 show of the day: Gianfranco Ferré Spring Summer 2011

day 2 of milan fashion week. with several shows going on a day and everyone knows just where to look for runway pics, i'll do a series of what i feel is the show of the day for me. if day 1 show of the day goes to burberry prorsum, then the one that really surprised me on day 2, in a nice way, is gianfranco ferré.

i really like the tailoring and silhouette from the house of ferré. there wasn't a skinny boy or "jeggings" in sight. ("jeggings": skinny leggings jogging trousers which appeared to be on every other show now). the style was grown up, relaxed but never boring. i really really like it. maybe it's the coming of age, but i really like the overall mood and styling.

the blue wavy print appeared on several pieces from the collection. if i can be honest, the print/pattern is reminiscent of dries van noten's spring 2010 collection. nonetheless, to each their own. loving the blazer, right down to the surprising slip-ons.

besides the blue wavy prints, neutral colors were also prominent. i really like the color pairing. talking about neutral, the taupe colored leather trench coat is stunning:

designers tommaso aquilano and roberto rimondi for gianfranco ferré spring summer 2011.
the collection really is a surprise winner for me, especially if you consider the turbulent times the company is in right now. the parent company is actually in bankruptcy since 2009, with the auction/sale of the house expected in july 2010. putting on a brave face and soldiering on is no easy task. presenting a really strong collection in the face of adversity is just exceptional.

amazing, l00o00ve.

pic credits: getty images, GQ/firstview


  1. U should see D&G show on their website, it's one of the best show of the day 1 with Burberry.

  2. i have to say, the shoes caught me more than the clothes. they have interesting designs. and i wonder what material the shoes on the 7th photo are made of.

  3. I must disagree I did not like the show. I liked the shoes more than the clothes on the runway. I expected more from the show...It was good though...but I needed a lil more. We have come to expect a certain level from them.

  4. ooooh those slip on shoes..

    As for D&G, enough of it already. Predictable, boring and uninspiring. Sending down hunky models is so yawn and to cover up the boring designs

  5. The collection reminds me of Dries Van Noten SS2009 collection...especially the printed double breasted jacket.

    At least, they are cleaning up GF... much better now.

  6. This blue print on the double breasted jacket etc. is rather stunnning! I was a great fan of GFF's work. It's good to see GFF the company is starting to produce good goods again!

  7. I love this collection this is very fashion forward

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