Tuesday, 22 June 2010

MFW Day 3 show of the day: Etro Spring Summer 2011

even i surprised myself. on day 3 of milan fashion week, neil barrett, gucci, zegna, canali, etro amongst others presented their spring 2011 collections. to be very honest, i was rather lukewarm towards all that i've seen, it's like a case of deja vu, i've seen it all before. but for the gorgeous leather jackets and a designer who appeared very happy to be there, etro got my vote for show of the day.

favourite piece has to be the suede jacket above. i think i love it because it is reminiscent of bottega veneta's spring 2006 offerings. if etro also did the straight off the runway buying, this jacket would be really high on my list. really loving the jacket, but not the embroidery on the trousers.

loving the whole look, down to the grass runway, but not the embroidery on the trousers.

heavier pieces really dominate the runways this season. also liking this suede and smooth leather jacket. the texture, the varsity feel, the color. but not really feeling the paisley prints.

another luxurious leather jacket, this time in mustard, again i really like. don't mind the pairing of the jacket with the paisley trousers here, seem to work quite well.

kean etro for etro spring summer 2011.

pics credit: getty images



  1. Hello, Slight off topic but you are quite the fan of balenciaga, would you happen to know of a place i could find the stripe top with the B on from the fall 07 mens collection?
    If you could be of any help that would be great,
    my email add is: blurredvisionblog@gmail.com if you would rarther email

  2. empaulio: this top? http://00o00.blogspot.com/2008/07/out-about.html
    it's from so many seasons ago, your best bet is ebay. mine is size L, but i really like it so not selling...

  3. That's the one! It looks great on you, if i remember correctly it made it to sale time aswel, but I was too busy looking at jackets at the time! :-@ I will keep an eye out on ebay, thanks for your help

  4. something about this says 'peter pan grown up' to me, and in a very good way!


  5. I cannot really afford Etro but I rather like this collection, like many others before...



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