Monday, 21 June 2010

my new shoes, Hermes "Quoique" and Hermes "Quart"

i do appear to be buying shoes every other week, but it's sales time, we save money by buying shoes that are reduced in prices. no? at the hermes sale last weekend, robin recognised the missoni x converse sneakers that i wore, and asked if it was me behind the blog. almost famous now! had a great chat with him, and also picked up two pairs of shoes.

the first is a beautiful pair of lace-ups in dark chocolatey-mocha color.

the lace-ups feature a fabric edge which runs along the front and back of the shoe. i don't know if it is calf or lambs leather, but it really is lightweight and fits like a glove. i love the deep intense color, i will wear this to work every other day (never wear the same pair of shoes two days running, bad for your feet, bad for your shoes).

not every pair of hermes shoes come with orange painted soles, i wonder why they would not utilise their greatest asset/association. really love the shoes, perfect for work. what attracted me to the shoe was the color. there was a pair in black, but not nearly as delicious and interesting as this pair in brown.

the shoes were actually from spring 2008, and featured prominently on the runway show.

love, hermes "richelieu quoique chevre moka". sometimes i really wished i speak french.

next, i also picked up a gorgeous pair of nude colored perforated shoes. my heart really skipped a beat when i saw that, and i was frantically looking for a pair in my size.

the shoes appear perforated on the outside, but it is fully lined/covered on the inside. i must say, the workmanship is outstanding. the leather is soft and supple, turns out it is actually made from kangeroo skin:

love, i really do.

i couldn't find an exact match, but i believed my shoes were from spring 2009 where similar models graced the runway. and i actually do prefer my version in the lighter color.

love, hermes "derby quart".

my "orange" tower probably pales in comparison to many out there, but it's a start. & i say this in the most manly way possible: i need more space to store my shoes. happy shoesday.



  1. Totally agree. Forget stealth chic, Hermes needs to paint its soles orange. Duh.

  2. Holy gorgeous! I love both pairs!

  3. Chevre = goatskin
    Really nice pics!

  4. I love both. U have a good taste.

  5. The Derby Quart made my heart skipped a beat too when i scrolled down this page... Amaziing!

  6. The first pair is very nice

  7. both are fantastic, however the hermes piccadilly boots are still my favourite

  8. love the hermes tower! you have a great collection :)

    may i ask how much the quoique costs?

  9. mat's right.. you're obsessed.. but it's a good thing. i'm envious like i always am with you.

  10. "richelieu quoique chevre moka" = "Whatever" oxfords in mocha lambskin. Um...doesn't quite the beauty of the shoes...

  11. the second pair "derby quart" is absolutely gorgeous. my only gripe is that it's kangaroo skin. don't you think it would've been perfectly ordinary to come in leather/calfskin? tan calfskin is always lovely.

  12. i like the box! ofcourse, the shoes too :)


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