Monday, 14 June 2010

these are a few of my favourite things: Topman knitted bow tie

last weekend i dug up some of the stuff that i love, gave them a good dusting and photographed them. thought i'll share, a few stories, a few pieces that i held dearly. first is this gargantuan knitted bow tie which i bought a few weeks ago from topman. that forest green, that knitting, it just all seems so retro and fun and geeky at the same time.

sitting next to my other floral topman bow tie. size matters?

i've probably mentioned here far too many times: when it comes to black tie events, it is just so boring to see all the guys in block standard outfits. without disrespecting the dress-code, one could play around with the choices of bow ties and shoes.

christian louboutin at gucci party, cannes film festival, may 2010 / credit: wireimage

mr louboutin did just that when he attended a party last month in cannes. he wouldn't look out of place in a sea of formally dressed gents, but that feathered bow tie and studded "freddy" flats made all the difference. his bow tie is just exquisite. amazing.

and so i bought that knitted bow tie from topman. not saying that mine is in anyway comparable to mr louboutin's, but the point is "black tie" doesn't really have to be "black tie". not sure when my next black tie event is, but it's fun to have. and did i mention, it's only... £10, totally frivolous! if you're keen, the bow tie is also available online here.

a few more items from my "favourite items" series coming soon...



  1. Good point. I think it all comes to back to that key concept - admirable men's style involves subtly and interestingly adapting the traditional and classic.


  2. i love them both, they look so nice and not really that topmany. agreed above too

  3. Christian's bow tie is by Alexis Mabille isn't it? I had a photo of it but deleted it.

  4. Bowties are also so very Doctor Who these days. Wear with the stampunk cufflinks and you're the man (the time lord?) through and through.

  5. I love how the tie droops down a tad.

  6. That floral tie is wonderful, I wish they still sold it on their website...


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