Tuesday, 15 June 2010

these are a few of my favourite things: vintage cufflinks

continuing from my "favourite things" series, here's a pair of vintage cufflinks i bought from a flea market a few years back. i can't remember where it was, i was staying at my friend's place in swansea, wales. we then drove for quite a bit, to a huge outdoors antiques and flea market/fair.

i don't think these are meant to be different on both sides, probably the previous owner removed the face and revealed the rather charming parts underneath. amazingly, the time piece still works. give it a winding and it clicks merrily away.

i find the whole thing so charming. i think i paid less than £15 for these, which is shocking. someone else's trash is another's treasure. i have much more expensive cufflinks, but these are my absolute favourites. and a reason why i love vintage items so much.



what's he wearing?