Wednesday, 16 June 2010

these are a few of my favourite things: bling

oh i love a bit of bling, why not. yes, those alphabets cufflinks look so tacky, probably why i don't wear them. but they look good together with the rest of my cufflinks, breaks up the severity of the box and remind myself life is about having fun too.

this however is something that i wear every now and then. bought these from paul smith a while back. paul smith does the biggest, best and well priced range of cufflinks i've ever seen. i was going through a phase where i was obsessed with chained cufflinks. the chains go through the side of the cuffs, more popular in the... 80s? i absolutely love the colored stones. purple is mixed from red and blue, so technically the cufflinks go with shirts with warm or cool hues: so most shirts really.

really one of my favourite pairs.

oh yes, i'm partial to a bit of gold too ha! the pair in the middle is one of my current favourites, gold colored knotted cuffs from reiss, a birthday present from my friend last year.

my "jewellery box" ain't worth millions. doesn't matter to me. maybe one day i'll move from costume to proper jewellery.



  1. I don't think "fine" cufflinks are really worth it, in the event that one of them may fall out. I consider cuff links an accessory more than jewelry anyway.

  2. great collection. gotta love the gold ones.

  3. these are all beautiful! My favorite are the wahtches... major!!


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