Thursday, 17 June 2010

these are a few of my favourite things: rings

i hope the "favourite things" series has been enjoyable so far. it's terrible, that i myself included, to be sucked into the whole consumerism thing. i wanted to look into what i have, the pieces that matter. maybe less really is more.

next on my "favourite things" list are a few rings. i'm not big on rings, necklaces or bracelets. i saw my friend wearing a similar ring to the above, and i really like it. i was in singapore at that time, and she brought me to a shop next to a famous temple in town. according to the owner, the ring is from tibet. i love the oxidised effect, especially the gold colored carvings in the middle. and it's a chunky ring which looks great on guys. doesn't cost much, but i love the whole feel about it.

next is supposedly a silver colored ring which oxidised over time, but adds to the quirkiness of it all. i bought this ring from some guy outside green park station in london, which says it all really. gosh i'm an easy target. the guy said the ring was from egypt. i like the carvings, and it seems to work well with my tibetan ring.

come on, i'm sure i'm not the only one. everyone wanted the ring after watching the movie. my ring came all the way from the land of ebay, metal not plastic y'all. it was a cheap thrill. sometimes i dangle it on my bag, most times it just stacks pretty with the rest of the gang:

nothing expensive, probably cheap metal bits to most, but they seem to work well together. so mystical: tibet, egypt to the land of the hobbits. i love odd bits like that.



  1. I love you're favourite things posts, you're quirky reason behind each piece I find fascinating!

  2. These have been such a GREAT series of posts. It's interesting to read the memories and stories behind them. I think this is something that is lost with online shopping.

  3. Amazing rings, I love this project, it's great!


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