Friday, 18 June 2010

these are a few of my favourite things: watch

i'm constantly on the lookout for a "proper" watch. i don't have that many watches, but i think watches are important accessories for men, and one should only get a watch/timepiece to celebrate, to mark the passing of time.

i like to wear the above watch in the summer. i had the above watch for over 10 years now. bought this in january 1997 in hong kong. yes the design is a rolex knock off, hey i was young back then. i've not worn it for ages, but lately started wearing it again. i love the pop of color, the vintage-y retro look.

1997 was a significant year in hong kong's history. i tagged along on a distant friend's trip, i wanted to see hong kong before they hand sovereignty to china. again the watch doesn't cost much but it reminded me of my trip, the stories back then.

yes, the search for the next watch still continues...



  1. HERE HERE!!! Im in desperate need of a watch... I want a timepiece with a gold face and a thin leather strap - preferably of the crocodile kind! ive searched high and low for a vintage piece! But no luck as of yet! Any clues???

    Yours truly


  2. Ahahah this watch is very Tiffany & Co.
    I can imagine it on an arm and it looks pretty good =) Time for watch hunting this summer!

  3. they say that the watch is what makes a man. i don't really believe in the idea as i have only one wrist watch but it's vintage.. passed on from my grandfather. oh, the memories...

  4. elle est magnifique cette montre, j'aime beaucoup le bleu turquoise au centre

  5. Wonderful, the colour is great. I'm also searching for thinner watches, those thick ones are so boring...


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