Thursday, 17 June 2010

these are a few of my favourite things: hats

i've been collecting quite a few hats in recent years. hate to admit it but age is creeping up, hair is thinning. it's all going downhill from here now. i bought the straw hat during my recent trip to singapore in march. ever so filial, took my mum out shopping, and bought myself stuff! got this from uniqlo, which is just great for the summer.

i couldn't decide between the brown and the blue, so i bought both. of course, mum was horrified at my decision making process. but at about £10 each, why deliberate?? these are my current favourites, the blue one accompanied me to the bvlgari spa in bali back in march too.

love it!



  1. My girlfriend bought me the same hat in grey few months ago. The price it's less than 10£ now it's 7.99£ or 6.99£. The shape its exactly the same - perfect. I've wanted straw hat since I've came in London, but couldn't find the right one, tried so many different brands, but I never liked how they look onme. I'm so happy UNIQLO keep using the same shape, that's mean I will have one perfect straw hat, but in many colours.


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