Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Timberland "Earthkeepers" boat shoe

i can still remember my first pair of timberland shoes. i was 16, received one of my first few paychecks whilst working for perry ellis during the holidays. my brother had a pair, and i wanted one too. and so i went to their shop, tried on a pair of brown leather boat shoes and happily handed over my hard earned cash. it was just like the pair above, but in brown with leather laces and perhaps a different rubber sole. so my thing for shoes go way back.

timberland very kindly sent over a pair of their latest boat shoes called "earthkeepers", asked if i could do a review and take it out for a road test. it brings back so much fond memories, and it's also nice to see that the shoe has evolved slightly keeping up with the times but not losing it's signature.

"earthkeepers", as the name suggests, is a collection of shoes that promises to be green for the environment. a series of products that aim to preserve our earth even when the shoes reach their mortality, and not add on to the burden of the earth breaking it down. the shoes are designed to be taken apart when we're done with them, and 90% of the components can be recycled. the leather upper could be detached and sent to their factory in the dominican republic to be cleaned and refurbished.

the cream colored rubber soles are made from "green rubber", where 42% of it's components are from recycled materials. and when we're done with the shoes, the rubber soles can be sent back to the factory in malaysia for recycling, thereby making more rubber soles for future "earthkeepers".

the laces are made from organic cotton, and the metal hardware are removable and can be reused in other footwear or recycled.

i find it really amazing, that a company is willing to adapt it's classic designs and rework it using sustainable and renewable resources. all "earthkeeper" products can be returned to any of their stores, and they will ensure that the parts will be broken down to be reused and recycled. i really do think it's an amazing idea, and so glad that a big corporation is doing it.

the whole eco-idea went right down to the packaging: the shoe box is made from 100% recycled materials. i am so impressed with timberland's green credentials, i really looked at the mighty boat shoe in a different way. green ethos aside, is it really comfortable and good enough for the coming summer months?

there's only one way to find out.

the shoes fit true to size. i matched it with my current favourite topman slim fit chinos and hot pink blue specked dot socks from paul smith. the boat shoes were a masculine shade of grey, and should go with most casual outfits. being non fashion fashion shoes, the front is cut wider and that makes it more comfortable. i honestly feel comfortable in those shoes, and they are lightweight, great for the summer, great for the environment, great for our conscience.

i look at my shoe collection and it is pretty dressy. this makes for a welcomed change. the shoes are coming with me on my next summer getaway.

click here to find out more about timberland "earthkeepers" series, or to purchase a pair online.



  1. I have the Earthkeepers boot from last fall.

    It's the best boot I've ever had: insides like cushion, warm and goes well with almost all of my fall and winter clothes.

    I wore it everyday from the day I purchased it until mid-spring. That's how I love it.


  2. great spot of color with the pink socks. very nice shoes!

  3. I never liked Timberland, but these ones is actually really nice! Think I have to try them once...

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