Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Artcurial Fine Jewellery & Watches Auction

breguet tourbillon platine vers 1993

parisian auction house 'artcurial' is having a "fine jewellery & watches" auction on 21st july 2010. i love perusing the catalogue, it's an amazing guide to the vintage watches, pieces and models which we rarely see these days. my favourite piece amongst the 915 lots, is the above tourbillon watch from breguet.

i aways have a thing for breguet watches. i walked past their old bond street store, looked at their windows longingly, i gazed at the display case at harrods each time i'm there, i left their shop in geneva heartbroken but totally motivated to one day own one of their timepieces. luxury is whispered, not shouted. for me, breguet is one of the few watchmakers who fits the description.

few knew that it was breguet who invented the tourbillon in 1799, a movement which compensates for errors due to gravity oscillations in the system, now considered a complication for watch makers out there. enough of technicalities, the watch retailed for €110,800 brand new, the auction estimate is between €30,000 to €50,000.

no harm dreaming right? but someone said to me dreams are what we wake up from.

hermes/jaeger circa 1950s

next is a vintage rose gold casing watch from hermes from the 1950s. the mechanical movement was provided by jaeger (before the merger with lecoultre?), and auction estimate is between €3,500 to €5,500. absolutely gorgeous, i really wish this is one of the hand me downs from my parents or siblings.

but dreams are what we wake up from.

breitling chrono waterproof premier, circa 1950s

auction and vintage watches doesn't necessary mean expensive. the above vintage rose gold mechanical watch from breitling has an auction estimate of about €800 to €1,000. it's such a beautiful timepiece, budget in some money for servicing, i'm sure there's plenty of life left. i really love.

enamel, silver, gold and diamonds brooch circa 1870

i love horses, they mean a great deal to me. i previously featured a diamond horse brooch back in 2009. this time, a piece that dates back to 1870, with enamel on the saddle. i would wear this proudly on my lapels. measuring 2.5cm, the vintage diamond brooch has an auction estimate of €900 to €1,200.

i heart.

"fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles that's what you do."

pics credit: artcurial



  1. I am smitten.
    That first watch is luxe!


  2. You never do any personal looks anymore.

  3. anon: because i've not been clothes shopping much! soon heh!

  4. those watches are pretty incredible

  5. shoot! that is really eye catching. magnifique montre!!

  6. Antique watches. one of those things you won't buy, but wish your grandfather had.


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