Monday, 26 July 2010

ASOS versus Maison Martin Margiela "Key" Ring

asos "key" ring, £6 /

maison martin margiela "key" ring circa 2009 / pic credit:
dear asos, i see what you did there. even the number "11" remained unchanged! maison martin margiela allocates a number to each of their lines: menswear being number "10", womenswear "6", shoes "22", and accessories "11". hence the "11" on margiela's ring. i wonder what is the story behind asos's "11" ring.

asos "key" ring / pic credit:

but please forgive me maison martin margiela. at £6, i thought the ring looked pretty good on that rather biblical looking chap. and i think i might just succumb...



  1. wowee how have they got away with that!

  2. for 6 quid, its damn well made!

  3. Love the idea - ASOS interpretation executed a little 'tackily' for me (is that a word?)...

    I'm gonna have a go at making one myself - pick up any old key from a second hand stall, take it to the cobblers, get them to heat it up and whack it around a bar the same diameter as one of my digits and Bob's your uncle!

  4. something makes me feel the asos ring is better and has more character.

  5. anon: sounds like a long winded process! just spend £6 and get it from asos already!

  6. learned something new today... but i must say, ASOS's (knock off?) version looks good - i would wear it, hehehe :p

  7. ASOS one does look cheap and nasty I'm afraid - buy cheap, you buy twice!

    Come on, you of all people shouldn't be afraid of a little effort for something you love - find a cool, vintage old key and get it bent... the whole process'll cost less than £20 and you'll be left with a unique, personal piece of jewellery that'll get so much more attention than that cheap old Kinder Egg ring!

  8. Look. It is a free world, so a rasp, a hammer and an old key will get you there. As will six quid at ASOS. What it won't get you is the thought process, the originality or purchase of the idea.

    If you lose track of the value of the idea, you lose a lot of what make fashion special.

    I'd get the original, or resist.

  9. anon: kinder egg ring lol! yes i concur, hence i decided not to get it

    kevin: agree whole heartedly. hence am not getting the asos version. :)

  10. You got to be kidding, this is just wrong no matter how well it seems to be made.
    Definetely the WTF of the week already.

  11. lol WTF of the week, i like that. maybe we should start having this section in the blog

  12. This is horrible! Stop fucking copying other designers work!! Everything asos touches turns to shit! Completely unoriginal.


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