Friday, 2 July 2010

Balenciaga menswear Fall Winter 2010

i'm sure i'm not the only one around who is feeling a severe case of "summer sales fatigue". the sales would usually go on for 4 to 6 weeks, and pre-fall watered down items would also be in stores during this period. though it is still high summer in london, i can't wait to start shopping and pick out the key pieces i want for fall winter 2010. if you really want it, you have to get ahead of the queue. so i say save the money from the sales and get ourselves items from f/w 2010 proper.

i wasn't exactly keen when i saw the lookbook pics from balenciaga (above left), i really don't like the styling. but released their own lookbook pics this week (above right), though simple, they managed to 80% convinced me that i want that for my wardrobe. it's a simple varsity style jacket, but i like the fit and length of it.

great to see the buyer picking another color too.

another item on my wishlist is this double zip calfskin jacket. the buyer at matches sure knows the way to my heart (and wallet) by picking the gorgeous grey version. i was hoping that it would be done in lambskin/napa so it would be buttery soft to the touch. i will have to troop down to the shops to have a feel at the calf skin jacket.

other items featured include the portfolio/laptop carrier in their signature biker bags style, and leather sneakers in darker hues. very nice, now i just hope that these items will arrive in stores soooooon.

click here to see more items from matchesfashion's lookbook.

pics credit: matchesfashion, balenciaga



  1. lurrrrrve the portfolio....

  2. I agree with you: the lookbook is terrible and does not do the clothes any justice. Those new pictures are far better - there is quite a few items I would like to own (but not buy, given the price tag!)

  3. Actually I liked the original lookbook more than the new pictures :)

  4. love balenciaga! these are great picks! come follow me

  5. Love the jacket in the first pic on the right side .. so awesome!

  6. love the bag. i need one for my laptop.


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