Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dunhill iPad Cover

dunhill ipad cover as featured in spring summer 2011 show /

here is a closer look at the ipad cover as featured in dunhill's spring 2011 collection, shown in paris back in june. the cover is printed with a letter addressed to 'alfred dunhill', along with 2 blue lines to look like the letter's been strapped in. interesting design, but i wish the cover was done in a different color to the pale cream shade. or the whole cover made to look like a letter to alfred dunhill.

& i am toying with the idea of an ipad...

pics credit: dunhill


  1. I do like the design of this iPad but the finishing (see stitching on the edges) does bother me just a little bit...

  2. mmmm maybe it's the sample piece...

  3. now your post is a source for selectism

  4. ooh I like this design... almost enough to buy an ipad just so I can use the cover.


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