Thursday, 1 July 2010

The half year in review

six months have passed us by, let's take stock of some of the highlights and low points on here. starting with shoes: in 2009, i acquired a rather obscene amount of shoes, 23 pairs in total. i tell myself to really cut down, and cut down i did for 2010. for the first six months, i bought eight pairs, still a lot but a marked improvement from last year:

in january: louis vuitton "uptown richelieu" in brown suede epi and calf leather

i am surprised at my will power, as the next pair pass january was in april: the missoni x converse all stars sneakers.

in may, after obsessing with christian louboutin's shoes for the longest time on here, i bought my first pair: the "rantus" sneakers.

on that very same day where i bought the christian louboutin sneakers, i also bought the suede hand made desert boots from zara.

there was something about the water in may, as i bought my third pair of shoes in that month: the pierre hardy blue suede shoes.

besides the sneakers, it was suede shoes that i bought. so it was no surprise that in june, i bought the pair that i've been lusting for the longest time: mr hare "capote".

continuing may's streak of three pairs of shoes, the trend followed into june, with the addition of another two pairs of hermes shoes. first, the hermes "quoique" made from lambs leather.

and the hermes "quart" made from kangaroo leather.

besides a full time non fashion related job and part time shoes acquisitions, i also found time to visit milan in january for the fall winter 2010 shows. and write i did, i wrote a few blog posts which i still hold dearly:

- "what is luxury": a piece i penned in january after being bombarded with images, campaigns and releases about luxury products. questions i have yet been able to answer.

- "today, was a momentous day in my life": this is a blog, so i should diary significant events in my life. on that faithful day in february, i did the leap and put money where the mouth is. i did my first ever investment in retail companies. four months on, my small portfolio made an unrealised gain of 30%.

- in march, i wrote what could be considered a "suicide piece" for the blog. if there's a difference between blogs and webzines/magazines, it's honesty. and i think my honesty ruffled some feathers in a bad way.

- in may, i did the first ever interview series with barnabe hardy, the stylist and designer who co-founded balenciaga menswear with nicolas ghesquiere. it is one blog post which i spent the most time prepping, but also the most enjoyable.

- "an ode to versace": my heartfelt semi-letter to the house of versace, my disappointment at their dismay financial results, my undying support for the versace dynasty.

- in june, it was a priviledge to preview the goyard book, which suzy menkes from the IHT called "the bible of luxury". i was very lucky to also meet an artisan from paris who demonstrated how the pieces were painted/customised.

it has been an amazing six months. thank you for the journey, and here's to another six more.



  1. I love reading about your life, and GORGEOUS new Hermes shoes!!

    You know I love those orange soles.

  2. The last six months had been great for you (and your shoe closet), Joe. Keep writing, I really admire what you're doing. Well done.

  3. OMG. I think your LV "uptown richelieu" shoes just upstaged the CL "Louis" sneakers I've been lusting over. I am such a fan of Epi leather

  4. glad you are still having fun blogging and it hasn't became a chore for you. my fav shoes out of the lot ate the capped mr hare ones for sure

  5. Y00o00!

    As agreed good sir, I went ahead and got the £12 asos tortoise-shell glasses from your wishlist... they arrived this morning...

    I'm very impressed, nice shape, fit great, certainly don't look like they cost £12 and... well, they were £12!

    Get 'em!

  6. Great collection.
    Ha, the retail index is my forte.
    There are great bargains to be held and the gains are phenomenal.

  7. Joe,
    I l00o00ve reading your blog, especially the shoe posts. If your closet is becoming too crowded and you need some place to store all those shoes I would gladly take care of a few pairs for you :-)

    P.S. What's the total shoe count? Or do you prefer not to think about that? hehe

  8. It's hard to pick my favorite on here, many of them are so very very lovely. I wonder have you worn those gorgeous hermes boots from maybe (1 or 2 years ago) with the orange sole...??

  9. Posted this earlier but must have got lost in the ether...

    As agreed, I purchased those tortoise-shell £12 asos sunglasses from your wishlist, and I'm here to tell you... they're great! Good shape, nice fit, certainly don't look like they were only £12.

    Go for it!

  10. Just wondering - is there even a way to buy a ticket to those milan shows? Or is it invites only?

  11. thanks guys, you lots are too kind.

    anon: i actually bought the asos sunglasses last night! waiting delivery now!!

    daniel: the shows are usually by invitation only... :)

  12. Quite the collection of shoes! And all of them are amazing choices. I've always been a huge fan of Mr. Hare shoes, something regal about them. Very snappy.

  13. I feeling that pair of Pierre Hardy the most! Lush collection Joe!


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