Monday, 5 July 2010

Richard Mille RM027 and Rafael Nadal, winner of Wimbledon 2010 men's title

rafael nadal, wimbledon men's champion 2010 / pic credit: getty images

since i've found the watch but can't quite own it, i'll feature the wonderful story behind it, and definitely ahead of it. after missing last year's wimbledon championships because of his injury, spanish ace rafael nadal came back fighting and won the men's title on sunday, beating quite the underdog of 2010 tomas berdych in three straight sets.

accompanying nadal's start of the season was the US$525,000 black richard mille wrist watch above, which he will be wearing for all the other tournaments in 2010. it's an incredible move, for richard mille to develop a watch with nadal, to believe that he will be able to fight back to the top when the latter was injured for most of last season.

pic credit: reuters pictures

the tourbillon timepiece weighs in at 18grams, made from a high lithium content alloy used by the aerospace industry. the case was made from carbon based resistant composite, making it ultra light and rigid. however according to mille, the colossal development costs from the extreme technical details was no issue. my favourite quote from him: "perfection has no price and only the result matters."

winning the grand slams are nadal's targets, creating a watch which could accompany him to his victories was mille's. and accompany he did, the watch never once left nadal's wrist. amazing partnership, i really like positive stories like that. it really inspires.

and here's nadal winning the french open last month, richard mille rm 027 wrist watch in tow:

rafael nadal, winner of french open 2010 at roland garros / pic credits: ella ling for richard mille

rolex would have been an obvious choice for nadal, considering they sponsored roger federer and the wimbledon championships for many years. but the amazing feat and technological challenges associated with this watch suited nadal's own story so well. i've always maintained that timepieces should have a story behind it, and bought to commemorate special occasions. well it's not a special occasion for me, it's a wonderful story no less.

now are there any prototypes or spares lying around, i really wouldn't mind seconds...



  1. i thought so too (about coming back on top). but heck, that watch is smashing hot!

  2. yes i love his watch, amamamamamzing!

  3. Do you think his return from being a presenter would increase, as he won the wimberdon during wearing a watch.

  4. Federer may go to fashion shows with Anna Wintour but I think Nadal is my favourite sports star/style icon du jour - do you think he'd like to hang out with me?

  5. TNMA: why not! we know a thing or 2 about fashion fashion too haha!

  6. Is it true that only five of them have that kind of watch in the world?

  7. What a nice person...congratulations!


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