Thursday, 22 July 2010

Topman LTD Equestrian

the summer sales are slowing coming to their end now. fall items are gradually arriving in stores, which makes me very happy as fall winter has always been my favourite seasons for clothing. reader and blogger "luxuryobsessed" got me very excited by letting me know that the prada moleskin coat with double woolly collars are already in stores. a visit to prada is imminent.

and besides that, topman is another store i have to visit. i try to avoid it for the past month as their shopfloor is like a battlefield with the ongoing summer sales, but i think it's safe to attack and conquer now. their latest collection from topman ltd was titled "equestrian". i love the gorgeous browns and mustards and khakis: very romantic colors. one of the favourites would be the above slim fit pleated linen and cotton chinos. clever use of summery fabrics as we are really still in the midst of a glorious summer.

love the slouchiness and relaxed feel to it, i need to try them. the trousers are also available online here.

i love corduroy trousers, and it is so difficult to find a pair that is cut slim enough to be flattering and not frumpy. the color and buttons detailing is perfect, but i must admit i really dislike the patchwork by the knees. a gorgeous pair of ralph lauren looking cords suddenly is feeling a bit undecided.

but heck i'll definitely try it in stores. the trousers are also available online here.

if you've seen pics that i took from their press day, you would recognise this quilted sweatshirt as one of my key picks. the corduroy elbow patches made all the difference. at £36, I NEED!

my love for all things quilted knows no end. the grey quilted jacket comes with a black corduroy collar. it's a difficult look to achieve, but pairing it with the slim fit trousers above should do it nicely. i would get a size down to make it fit snuggly too. another must try for me, gosh the trip is immmmminent.

accessories wise, i really like the horse print tie. at £10, it really could do no wrong. i'll definitely pick one up.

yes, the whole reason why i did this post, was because i wanted to show you this!!! i have no more vocabulary left to describe this shoe. the soles, the metal eyelets, the black leather padding, the color, ohmygod i am going to spend a lot of me-time with the shoes when i am in store, which will be very soon. meanwhile, the shoes are also available online here.

totally l00o00ve!

pics credit: topman


  1. theres some really nice stuff in this new collection, really like the quilted t-shirts too. for a chance. hate the in-the-knee paches too though. may pic something up from this

  2. Oh yes, that quilted sweatshirt is gorge!! I have a few men in mind who would look fabulous in that beauty!

  3. I saw the quilted version of the blazer here in Singapore in Navy! Looking really nice with those petite cuts for slim people like me:-)

    I love the trousers. They are somewhat looser on the top and tapers to snug fit the legs. Love that 'carrot' shape silhouette.

    The olive colour is major next season:-)

    Wish Topshop Singapore brings in some of these pieces you mention too:-)

  4. I love everything. I need the entire collection. Wow. Can't wait for fall to be back. The only other accessories I'll need will be a nice bottle of Gewürztraminer and a picnic before heading to the mountain. Yeah!

  5. beautiful pieces :)

  6. that tie is so beautiful. it does not scream but it can make an impression.

  7. Not to spoil the mood but... I don't like ANY of the pieces from the latest Topman Ltd range (with the exception of maybe the tan leather belt) - which is a disappointment as I normally love Topman's special collections.

    Equestrian just isn't a great look in general - I've been to too many 'Countrywide' stores full of horrible Barbour-esque clobber being bought by stuffy upper-class, Daily Mail reading horsey people... not a scene to be associated with.

    Good news though; according to the Zara website, you'll be able to shop online from September!

  8. First thing i'm getting soon as i land in london is those boots.
    great price too!

  9. Joe's fashion lust simply has no end..but his discerning taste surely attest to what he is almost like sex, you can never get enough. My wife says the shoes you must get and afterward she will ride on horseback with is the "equestrian" collection, non?;-)

  10. Although topman has opened its store in my country for years, I've just walked into the store lately. I picked and tried chinos because of your fantastic blue one. But, I really don't like it because of poor cutting and sewing.

    So, do actually Topman's products have a good cutting and sewing

  11. i like the ankle boots on the 2nd photo - nice color.
    but the last photo, it's almost breathtaking. i'm diggin the color and the worn-out effect

  12. Those slim mustard corduroy trousers are fantastic and I love corduroys too. I love to wear such corduroys from Fall to Spring. What do I do during Summer? I wear corduroy shorts, of course.


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