Friday, 23 July 2010

Vans Vault Sk8 "Inca Flower" Sneakers

pic credit: streething via hypebeast

a few weeks ago i saw the above pair of vans sneakers at hypebeast and have been frantically searching for it ever since. call me ignorant, but i never knew vans did such lust worthy shoes. suede and ethic patterns??! is this why it's branded as vans vault and not just vans?

anyway, it's so close yet so far. i was thrilled to bits that stocks the vans vault inca flower sneakers, but in green suede and red fabric instead. love it i do, but i still prefer the muted grey/blue with the purple fabric. i am holding out, anyone knows where in london, or which online retailer stocks it, hit me up!

vans vault sk8 "inca flower" sneakers / pic credit:



  1. The Vans' collector says these are great. especially the green ones.
    Did you ever see the ankle length black perforated leather ones they brought out in 2000?

  2. damn i love the shoes too please let me know if u find any store selling them ...oh and also just noticed the burberry coat (the one in ur wishlist) is sold out in the burberry website and :O ive been plannin to buy that since i saw it on the runway dman it damn it
    p.s love the blog great read! :D

  3. prefer the blue and purple one too. i'm not a fan of vans but this design can be an exception.

  4. i think you did good holding out, the first pair are bliss

  5. Don't feel bad, alot of people tend to overlook vans, only seeing some of their simpler styles. (i.e. Slips ons/ plimsoll etc.) Vans Vault is very exceptional, as well as whenever Vans does collaborations with other lines. I especially love the VansXProper collaboration they a did a year-or so ago.

  6. Normally not a huge fan of vans. I have always found there designs a bit boring. But these are something so different. I actually like them. The blue purple ones are my favourite. Keep searching. I think they will be worth it.


  7. I didn't know vans do such designs either. These shoes looks super nice, I like the blue one.

  8. wow. yeah i agree, i never thought vans produce such kind of footwear. the green and red combination has more appeal (visually), but i would also prefer the grey and purple version. i tend to go for the subtle colored pieces dressing up :D


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