Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Vintage Rolex Oyster Datejust Watches

(L to R) vintage rolex oyster datejust in cream, pink and blue dials / asos.com

the words "vintage" and "rolex" are enough to make my heart beats faster. add "oyster" and i might soon be foaming at the mouth. the above trio of watches (each sold separately) was recently added to online retailer asos.com. yes, besides dabbling in margiela inspired jewellery, they also stock a small selection of vintage watches.

the three watches above are amazing, all from the 70s with stainless steel jubilee bracelets/straps. i wonder if they belong to the same owner/collector, who is letting go of the collection now. and my heart is telling me to stop procrastinating and go for it. i can't think of any other watches more suitable/classic to start a vintage piece.

i would really love to hear your views on the below:

1. asos.com selling vintage rolex watches, what's your feeling?
2. the watches above were serviced but doesn't come with the original box and papers
3. frivolously, which color would you go for? cream, pink or blue dials?
4. any views you have on the watches

Please, comment away!

vintage rolex oyster datejust, stainless steel bracelet with blue dial / asos.com



  1. I would go with the navy....I just think that the blue is classic and crisp. I always think "will I wear this when I am 80?" and I do think you would be wearing that watch for the next 5 decades!

  2. i can't comment on the first question - don't know much about ASOS. about the second, your not goin to wear the box right? hahaha (that was lame). for the third one, hmmm, i think i'll go for the white... and the last, the watches looks ok. im not really a "watch" person.
    by the way, the model looks so good :p

  3. I'm sorry, but I find absolutely no beauty in Rolex. They all seem to be designed for "cheap" american business men. IWC & Panerai on the other hand ... :)

  4. I know nada about watches but boy does that model look so beautiful or what?!

  5. 1. Asos is of course not known for its watches. However, you can be sure they're not fucking you over - they are super reputable
    2. Will impact resale - although you can always offer ASOS receipt as proof of authenticity. Obviously ASOS will have checked authenticity.
    3. Pink - for sure
    4. TBH, they're not really my thing. Panerais are gorgeous. My absolute favourite.

  6. Pink and Blue OUT OF STOCK

  7. courtney: i think navy too! i hope the watch will last longer than me.

    rei/oh fudge: it's airbrushing, no one looks that perfect *in denial*

    silvestre / banana: hey both of you like panerais, oddly i am really not into them, nor iwc. i don't think about resale value when buying stuff. it's a bit morbid to think about parting when we're just getting together!

  8. I would not buy a vintage Rolex from Asos, because as they are not an authorized dealer, you cannot be assured that the watch was serviced properly. If a Rolex watch is serviced by an unauthorized individual it nulls the warranty. However, they are all gorgeous!

    Preference for blue.

    I much prefer the classic Oyster bracelet to the Jubilee for your first Rolex.

  9. LO: interesting points you made. those are the same considerations i had, back and forth,too much procrastination.

    i love the blue too. i love the jubilee bracelet, because my dad's first rolex also came with the jubilee bracelet (i think!). being a 70s kid, these watches from the 70s take on an extra meaning too.

    ahhh l00o00ve

  10. rolex is not my thing either. but if you think about it, if those rolex watches are really amazing, why would the original owner part with them? well, it's the question i always ask when looking at secondhand stuff.


  11. I reckon you should get the pink or navy...cream might look a bit old
    i think rolexes make a nice vintage watch...looks like ur granddad passed it down to you... why bother bout resale value...pass it down!! why would you resell it, i assume you lik it before deciding on the purchase
    however i wont buy it from asos tho...
    i think you can get a better price elsewhere...

  12. Lovely trio! They're all winners IMO. Personally, I'd go for the blue and not having the box and papers isn't such a big deal. You can always have it appraised and authenticated after you receive it.

    I love watches and I think everyone needs at least one nice watch. After browsing through your blog, I'm sure you already have some, so one of these vintage DJs would be icing on the cake. Happy shopping!

  13. I vote for the pink version. Classic design, timeless class.

  14. I think I have a same take on Rolex. These oldies are really something to lust for. I'd get all three as the cream has a nice old feel to it. So is the pink! But the blue is also precious minus the vintage feel.

    I itch with metal as was my experience with Tag Heuer. So I find function and beauty with leather strap watches.

  15. Awesome post! The vintage fabric strap ones have made me a fan (which I never thought possible!)of Rolex. I'd definitely get all three... but that'll be after I sell my kidney and leg in the black market, haha. Not funny. :( lol.


  16. I never like the fish eye over the date. You don't need it. Like a stuffed pocket on a sleek jacket!

    For me, the simplest IWC or Cartier does it every time.

  17. Joe - Blue you must. I got the Blue from daddy when i graduated yonks and moons ago and yes it was a 'hands-me-down' but i didn't care because it was a Rolex and had seen him worn it like forever..

  18. Box/papers matter for re-sale purposes as most collectors are pretty anal about the small things.

    The cream one is nicest. Very classic.

  19. i actually own a rolex oyster for special occasions and its fantastic. got it refurbed for my 18th. i'd be reluctant to miss out on the box and certificate. its the best bit. green leather with suede inside.


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