Friday, 9 July 2010

Won Bin in Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2010

won bin at "ajussi" press conference / pic credit: wireimage
south korean actor won bin may not be a familiar name outside of asia, but he is one of the hottest stars in the asia pacific. i think he is like the orlando bloom of the east. he attended yesterday's press conference in seoul to promote his latest movie/series "ajussi", dressed in burberry prorsum fall winter 2010 from head to toe.

in fact, he wore my favourite, yes the favourite piece from the whole collection: the wool sweater with military epaulettes.

details on the sweater taken after the runway show in january 2010 /

won bin at "ajussi" press conference / pic credit: wireimage
to be very very honest, i think it is a look that is difficult to pull off. on the wrong person it would look very security guard-ish. but the genetically blessed actor could get away with anything. but i do wish he mixed and matched other pieces from this glorious collection, rather than step out in the exact same runway look:

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010 / pic credit: burberry

won bin also wore the distressed leather mid calf boots as seen on the runway. this collection featured a few over the trousers boots, but my favourite is still the shearling lined pair featured yesterday.

the wool sweater with military epaulettes is available online here, and the distressed leather mid calf boots is also available online here.

l00o00ve. i have to try that sweater on. a trip to their shop is imminent.



  1. My favourite piece too - it is amazing. KInda reminds me of Brandon Flowers' 'feather' jacket he had made for him...

    Oh, it's only £610 - I'll get 2 then...

  2. Thaose pictures would probably send 1000 kiasu Singaporeans to the Burberry Orchard store. Celebrities do help to sell clothes, especially here in Asia. Good PR move by Burberry South Korea. Amazing...


  3. My favourite piece too.
    He is cute, i've crush for asians since the latest post on chuvaness's blog. :)

  4. i'm a girl and i want that sweater too lol
    although i don't like looks pulled directly off the runway I really like how he didn't try to change this look because just by being asian with a sweet babyface already changes the look tremendously :D from angry brit military boy with mussy hair to cute smiling asian boy that'd you'd bring home to meet mama.


  5. i think it was his stylist's choice to dress him up with the exact same look. i don't know. but he looks great in it. i want that sweater too.

  6. Oh my god he looks gorgeous in that. I would love to own that sweater myself, I can just imagine it being all slouchy with skinny jeans.. mmm...

  7. The Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2010 is simply the best collection of the season. I love this sweater, so Balmain :)

  8. That jumper HAS TO be mine!

  9. Well, if anyone was ever looking for this sweater - here it is. Apparently, absolutely new and at a reduced price (sort of).


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