Monday, 16 August 2010

Bags Packing

i will be going away for a late summer vacation come mid september. it will be holidays with the family, and i'm really looking forward to it as it's been quite a while since we last vacationed together. we're going on a group/package holiday, so i don't have to do much planning and organising, which is always good (no stress!). mum called to say "we are visiting the hot springs, so bring your swimwear" (cue orlebar brown shorts!), "and we will be staying at the ski resort too, so bring your winter clothing".

thanks mum, you've officially thrown me a challenge on how to pack for a 8 day trip with such vast temperature differences. and i have to pack smart clothing and shoes for the 3 birthday celebrations too. (stress!)
baby steps, let's start with what bag(s) to bring for the trip:

ally capellino "donkey dean" bagpack /
yes i'll be bringing one of my many large weekenders for the 8 day trip. but i also need a day bag for activities and sightseeing. one that will ideally keep my hands free for photos-taking and tid-bits munching, and one that doesn't scream "tourist!" or "schoolboy!". the bagpack/rucksack is a big trend for 2010 (which is good as there are more choices), and one that i am very keen on for the holidays.

very high on my list is the above ally capellino "donkey dean" bagpack. whatever inspired that name, the waxed cotton bag is stylish and practical. measuring 43cm x 43cm, it's the perfect day bag for my trip. i have about 2 weeks to decide, if i don't see a better option, "donkey dean" is going travelling with me. the bag retails for £146, click here for more info.

polojeans by ralph lauren "ogden" bagpack /

whilst browsing at harrods last weekend, i also came across the bag above, but in black canvas from polojeans. the bag does look better than pictured, and it's not evident from above, but the base is made from leather, thus less army-surplus and perhaps more street cred. i love it that it's a no nonsense bag you can knock about, and with those charming well washed flag patches, the bag will only get better with age.

i remembered the bag in black retailed for £149 at harrods (which i was very tempted to buy on impulse), but the above version in olive retails for £108 at i wondered if it was of a different size, but there was no sizing info on their website, which is a big no-no in this day and age of online shopping. ok, i shall email them to ask.

now, do i have an all terrain jacket in my wardrobe...



  1. the ally capellino is perfect for me.

  2. Here is another option:


  3. so you are going to iceland, right? ;-)

  4. nice! im a bag person, and i like both of your options. capellino has a more luxe/sophisticated feel, while polojeans has street/rugged vibe.


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