Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cire Trudon 'S' scent candle exclusively for Selfridges

french candle makers cire trudon released a limited edition candle for selfridges, the london superstore. 's' scent is rather fresh smelling, reminding me of camomile, vanilla, amber, liquorice, a hint of mild spices and a rather famous christian dior concoction. the special edition candle comes in a black hand blown glass with silver emblem.

being my favourite candle makers, i dropped by selfridges last weekend to have a little whiff:

i love their candles, the room smells really nice whenever i had them lid. i think they make great gifts too, i bought a few last christmas for my friends. loving the silver emblem here, a contrast to their usual brown and gold, which i think is just decadent:

my favourite is still 'ernesto'. scents of leather, tonka beans, cigars. if cuba smells like that, i must pay a visit soon. if this scent gets captured into a bottle of fragrance, for sure it will be my favourite. they are releasing this scent as a home spray soon, so maybe my wish for a perfume might just come true.

'revolution' is another favourite of mine. it was said that back in the days of the revolution, the nuns baked bread while awaiting the return of the heroes. they tried to capture the essence of that gorgeous smell of the fresh dough and put it in a candle. imagine how nice the room would smell when the candle is lit.

but i'll pass on the perfume if ever there's one, smelling like i've just finished a shift at the bakery might not be a very good idea heh.

i love going round to the shops to have a little whiff every now and then, awaken my senses. i think it's incredible how they managed to capture those scents and imagination, into a nice little package.

and a little tip: lift the bell jars and smell them instead. the aroma from the candle would have been swirling in there nicely. smelling the candles directly might be too strong for some. and you probably know this too, smell some coffee beans in between scents to "cleanse the palette"!



  1. I absolutely adore candles, and I must try these soon. I just can't bring myself to buy one from online retailers since I'm going to be slapped by a huge customs fee! (they say it's going to be the same as the cost of the candle).

    My absolute favorites so far is the L'Artisan Parfumeur Bottega Veneta. Now that's a perfect candle. Mizensir candles are on the same level. What I'm really disappointed with are Diptyque. Poor throw, very uneven burn and crooked wicks. What's more, the room gets filled with smoke when you blow out the flame. The L'Artisan and the Mizensir do not have these issues.

  2. I must have one of these! And you're right about the coffee beans, same goes for when trying on perfume. :)

  3. I just recently got a chance to get a whiff myself. It was like being transported to a far away place. Ernesto was my favorite too. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  4. Must pay a visit to Selfridges soon, then! Love the design of the holders.


  5. Absolutely agree with you! I'm simply obsessed with Cire Trudon, especially Roi Soleil. The Revolution sounds really intriguing but perhaps it'll make me hungry at all times? Haha. I'll definitely have to check it out next time I'm at Barney's. But the special "S" concoction sounds like it's one amazing smell. Shame, I'm no where near selfridges for a little smelling action.


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