Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rumoured: H&M x Shiatzy Chen collaboration

a selection from shiatzy chen menswear FW2009 and SS 2010 / shiatzychen.com

a few thoughts going through my head:

- after karl lagerfeld, stella mccartney, viktor & rolf, roberto cavalli, comme des garcons and jimmy choo, taiwanese designer shiatzy chen is rumoured to be next in the hot and enviable spot for h&m's annual november designer collaboration. rumour even appeared in h&m's wikipedia page.

- it's already august, why hasn't h&m officially announced the designer for their collaboration? announcements in previous years were way back in spring.

- plausible explanation or haphazard guess: a big name designer (first choice) dropped out at the last minute. chen is well known in taiwan, but hardly on the same platform as the other designers who collaborated with h&m

- if h&m wanted a piece of the far east pie, vivienne tam, anna sui, phillip lim, alexander wang, jason wu and even shanghai tang sound like more probable choices. if h&m wanted both womenswear and menswear, phillip lim is the obvious choice. he probably turned them down then.

- not sure if menswear would be included within the rumoured h&m x shiatzy chen collaboration. but the selection above from her 2009/2010 collection look promising.

- will china, the biggest consumer of luxury fashion now, be receptive of a taiwanese designer collaboration?

- even if rumour isn't true, it brought my attention to shiatzy chen, whose collection is pretty good.

- when will h&m announce?

pic credit: shiatzy chen



  1. To be perfectly frank, a collab with Shiatzy Chen would be a bit of a let-down compared to the great collabs of the past. I mean, I don't think anyone of my friends would get all excited if they heard H&M was doing a collab with this generally unknown Asian designer. I still hope Phillip Lim agrees, because I adore his work and think they could work out something beautiful.

  2. I wasn't too familiar with Shiatzy Chen before reading this post and I can see how people can be 'let down' but his work, regardless of his notoriety, speaks for itself and it would be a rather awesome collaboration- plus, perhaps this is what will catapult him into a house hold name? Possibly, everyone begins somewhere. Btw, isn't blogger BryanBoy doing something with H&M? Random but also kinda intriguing, don't ya think?


  3. r gratz: shiatzy is a she...
    i personally think collabs should work both ways. it will do amazing things for shiatzy, but the light is dimmer for h&m. h&m's collab has always been with big or credible houses/designers. understandably, the rumour does disappoint many.

  4. with this collaboration, it seems to me that h&m is going for charity work. yes, shiatzy chen's work is promising. i actually like the vest and the jackets. but it's not enough for a major collab that a lot are waiting for. maybe they can work with shiatzy on a different project. if she does well in that, then perhaps h&m can do another collab with her.


  5. H&M isn't exciting anymore.

  6. This collection is really chinese...love the work

  7. maybe something french? maybe lanvin? ... just rumors, not confirmed yet.


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