Thursday, 2 September 2010

Alexis Mabille x Pyrenex Premium pop up shop at Dover Street, London

to coincide with london fashion week, french label "pyrenex premium" will debut in the uk with a 15day pop up shop at london's dover street from 15th to 30th september. the young but very talented french couturier alexis mabille conjured up a series of ultra lightweight but warm, feather filled coats, vests and biker jackets.

the fit, cuts and colors really do make me look at feather down jackets in a different light. i tend to avoid puffy down jackets, but i find myself really wanting some of the pieces below. practical yet stylish, i find this to be a very good partnership/collaboration between mabille and pyrenex. a young talent shaking things up but not losing any of the company's dna. a perfect fusion of function, performance and a couturier's style and luxury.

the styling was great in the above shots. feather down jackets naturally adds volume to the upper body. pairing it with fitted jeans lends us a more defined shape and silhouette. i really really do love the above pieces. sadly i will be away on vacation during that exact 2 weeks where the pop up shop would be held. i need to find out where else to see the clothes up close and personal in london after that.

failing which, paris in october i will see. oh, did i mention i'll be in paris in october?

[Alexis Mabille x Pyrenex Premium pop up store at London's Dover Street, 15th to 30th September.]



  1. this collection is great, good to see a review of it

  2. extremely in love with this collection, esp the jacket in the second picture(the colour.. what an addiction! even the styling is fantastic) glad you did a post about alexis mabille, keep it coming!

    p/s: check out my random karl lagerfeld et chanel pop-up book video..

  3. the puffy ones are just awful. i'm surprised because you usually have such good taste!

  4. martti: gahhhh! but i really do love some of the jackets. pair them with skinny/fitted denims i really do think it will work. give them a chance lol!

  5. feather down quilted jackets are a bit tricky to pull off, since they tend to make the wearer look like the Michelin Man.

    once again, it boils down to the appropriate build. the quilted jacket/skinny jeans silhouette look great on tall, lean mean (or at least those with lean torsos).

  6. The second one is outstanding! Would be difficult to pull it off but its outstanding looking on its own :)

    The first one is nice too but looks like something that belongs in Armani Exchange.

  7. i thought so too, that the look was tricky to pull off...then I purchased my first Moncler, and my world (and frigid body during winter) was changed forever!

    Theyre opening the 2nd US store in soho next week coinciding with Fashion Night Out!

    tho I love the bias-cut zipper on the vest above and the fit! reminds me of the slimmer J+ x Uniqlo down pieces.


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