Thursday, 30 September 2010

Craig David at Roberto Cavalli 40th anniversary party in Roberto Cavalli

craig david / ph: pascal le segretain, getty images

how strange/cosmic. one minute i was watching the documentary "fearn cotton with craig david", and the next i see him at paris fashion week attending roberto cavalli's 40th anniversary party. the southampton raised now miami based british crooner, who has an amazing bachelor penthouse suite (well, as featured in the documentary) attended last night's party in a military style wool pea coat with gold crested buttons. the coat, which also comes with a detachable wool/fur collar, is from roberto cavalli fall winter 2010.

model clément chabernaud for roberto cavalli fall winter 2010 / gq,firstview

i think it's safe to say the house of cavalli dressed mr david for the occasion. i like the coat and his choice of footwear (again from the documentary you would have seen that he's a sneakers freak fan!), but i think the look would have been miles better if he opted for better and more exciting trousers.

ph: pascal le segretain, getty images

the facade of cavalli's party look amazing. looks like a fun party!



  1. You know you have international readers when they confuse Fearne Cotton for a type of cotton. I had to google what Fearne Cotton was. I thought it was a garment documentary featuring Craig David when you mentioned it and I was thinking how odd. So I Googled/Youtubed search and now I see. Us Canadians and US readers wouldn't know who Fearne Cotton is. We don't get her here. She must be big where you are. Love your blog btw and David is looking quite good here thanks to Cavali. There is something really regal about that jacket that catches your as and makes you want to have it. Its really beautiful.

  2. oh yes i should have linked the video or something. fearn is a very funny girl, we all love her here across the pond.

    thanks for your kind words :)


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