Tuesday, 7 September 2010


last weekend was spent packing my bags, figuring what (and what not) to take for my 2 weeks vacation starting this friday. i figured, let's travel light, for everything else there's the mastercard. while victoria beckham travels in that absolutely "00o00h i want one of those" vintage goyard travel bag, i will be travelling with my vintage goyard travel wallet. the wallet is from the 70s and created by robert goyard (1893–1979). this is one of my favourite and treasured vintage piece.

and i feel that much closer to victoria beckham now.

during the 2 weeks away, i will be spending time with my folks, including time off at a beach / an island. so i will be bringing my favourite swim shorts: the orlebar brown black 'setter' shorts with gold tone hardware.

what's holidaying without some shades? tom ford 'cary' is my ultimate favourite travel companion.

shoes are the most difficult decision, i often overpack as i can't decide what to bring. well i need sneakers (converse) for the trip, flip flops (marc jacobs) for the beach and a pair of smart stylish shoes for my birthday next tuesday. mr hare "capote" is coming with me.

and for holiday reading, "blow by blow, the story of isabella blow". the book was delivered last week, been resisting the urge to start reading it. but it might be a tad too depressing to read on a holiday...

will be bringing my favourite prada keepall. amongst all my travel bags, this is the most well used. i will never underestimate the practicality of lightweight parachute nylon and the convenience of a shoulder strap. these are the key things i look for in my next travel bag.

not much left to pack, travel light i will. 4 more days till my retreat!



  1. Another tasty pair by Mr Hare. Also been itching to read 'Blow by Blow' - love to hear your thoughts when you've finished reading...

    Wishing you a great break!


  2. i always find it hard to travel light. they say pack lightly but bring a huge bag so you can take a lot of things with you when you get back. but, just like you, i am always confronted by the shoes dilemma. oh which one to bring.


  3. Those Mr Hare shoes are to die for, although I'm not quite sure how close to Victoria Beckham I'd like to get...

  4. male-mode: hopefully not suicidal after i read that book, see you soon!

    kc: yea i will take my longchamp excess baggage foldable bag with me, 2 bags there 3 bags back!

    anastasia and duck: i suspect vb is a very funny woman masked up in all that seriousness. we should get up close...

  5. I love that vintage Goyard! You have the most beautiful things, Joe! And travelling for 2 weeks is a luxury. Have fun in your travels and I look forward to your gorgeous photos when you're back. And get something nice for your birthday. =)

  6. I believe those sunglasses may be perfect.

  7. That travel wallet is very stylish. I want one....haha. What a great piece to carry with you when you go away.


  8. is that a Singapore passport I see inside that fabulous Goyard passport case?! LOL


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