Friday, 3 September 2010

The launch of, LN-CC and Zara online

september sees the launch of three online stores, all with very different product mixes. any excuse to go window shopping, i checked out the relaunch of, the births of ln-cc and zara online.

1. relaunch of relaunched on september 1st. new on the site is an exclusive interview of pierre hardy. i thought it was quite a good read, gave an insight into the workings of the very talented but rarely interviewed designer.

and i can't stop gawking at his gorgeous suede slip-ons.

they've also uploaded a lot of their new fall winter 2010 pieces. my favourites were the acne flight jacket with detachable wool collar, and of course the patchwork leather jacket from barnabe hardy, which i so love every single piece from his new collection.

left: acne flight jacket / right: barnabe hardy patchwork leather jacket

love the new site design and the increase in product range that they are offering this season. the much loved mr hare shoes also made their debut. go visit them at

2. launch of ln-cc

there were a lot of hype surrounding new concept store ln-cc. abbreviation for "late night chameleon cafe", the online store began operations on september 2nd, and a brick and mortar store will soon open in london sometime in october.

amongst the slew of avant garde designers represented, i was most intrigued by the raf simons archival pieces. ln-cc curated a series of new and gently worn pieces as far back as 2001. like the above spring summer 2008 raf simons x eastpak bag, which was actually the first ever collaboration between the 2 labels. the amazing showpiece will set one back at GBP2,500.

other notable pieces from ln-cc include the above tartan jacket and horn bracelet from j.w. anderson. both i like very much. go visit them at

3. launch of zara online

the much anticipated online store from spanish retailer zara finally launched on september 2nd across several european countries. i was pleasantly surprised by the web design and pieces available. what i love most was the styling: each shot featured cuffs carefully turned, trousers nonchalantly rolled up, socks casually polka dotted.

with so many zara stores around london, do i really want to shop online? surprising myself, i actually do want to. since i am already familiar with my sizes from zara, ordering online would just be a breeze. there are currently some teething problems with the site (some pages do not load) which i no doubt would be smoothed over soon. very pleasantly surprised i am, go visit them at

and in other news, h&m confirmed that the house of lanvin would be their next designer collaborator. menswear designer lucas ossendrijver will design 25 pieces of clothing and 10 pieces of accessories for men, set for a european launch date of 23rd november. strange that they released the secretive videos 2 days back saying all would be revealed on september 9th, but announcing to the press a week early who the collaborator would be. i guess more info would be available on september 9th.

call me crazy, but i am already dreading the queues and hoarders on november 23rd. h&m will also launch their online store operations across several european locations in october. will the lanvin x h&m collection be made available online?



  1. i'm so excited for the collab. it's great to know that they'll be including menswear in the collection. this will be very well appreciated by those who have been seeing lanvin as so desirable yet so unreachable.

  2. Potentially something to look forward to since we are finally getting an h&m in late november-ish...

  3. I have no words for the Raf Simons archive pieces pricing. The coat from AW09 with neoprene sleeves costs 3 times more than it did a year ago. That is just crazy. Should we all now run to the shops and buy current Raf Simons and in a year sell it with 300% profit? Come on

  4. yeah, and what about the bi-colour polo-shirt that's now 1500 pounds, instead of aprox. 150 3 years ago, this is ridiculous.
    You'll probably find it on ebay for 50 pound max.

  5. I Think I'm Just Tooo Excited About Lanvin & H&M.

  6. do you know when we can actually buy things at zara online

  7. i was really surprised by the zara online, it's really nice and simple, styling is very well thought about with all the little deets and mirror rolls, layering. i really want those grey suede shoes, but don't seem to be online yet. have you seen them in store?


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