Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Balenciaga Paris, 10 Avenue George V

balenciaga paris very kindly sent over a bottle of their iconic fragrance "balenciaga paris", as well as their new travel sized decanter. i featured this scent in an earlier blog post, as one of the fragrances to try, so it's a very pleasant surprise to receive it in the post.

newly launched this month, the travel sized decanter comes with 3 x 15ml eau de parfum spray. the interesting looking prism is actually made from 'zamak', a dense metallic material made to resemble rock from outer space, in line with the whole futuristic movement from their fall winter 2010 collection, which inspired the scent.

i love the new decanter, it's small enough to carry it around everywhere. the scent itself is actually quite light, i smell pepper, hints of wood and also something reminiscent of the childhood which i can't quite pinpoint what it is. if i can be honest, the scent is a little floral for my liking, the press notes suggested bouquet of violets. the scent was created with the women in mind (charlotte gainsbourg fronts the campaign), but i never believed in typecasting scents. smell is a very personal thing, it's either you like it or you don't.

i do like the peppery undertones of 'balenciaga paris', but i mixed it with a little acqua di parma (which i find a little musky) and i really like the end result.

and i love the little touch, the fragrance even came with it's own dustbag.

if you are interested:
- the new travel sized decanter is available online here.
- the classic fragrance (30ml, 50ml, 75ml) is available online here.

now for the good news: balenciaga paris has very kindly offered 2 bottles of their iconic "balenciaga paris" 50ml fragrance for readers of this blog. don't like to remind ourselves, but christmas is like, 10 weeks away. this will come in handy. the normally tight lipped kate moss cooed "i've got so much balenciaga but it's never enough." and so should we.

more details of the giveaway coming up in the next post!


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