Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fornasetti Profumi per la Casa

i think that title translate as "fornasetti fragrance for the house"? anyway, came across these amazing pieces of art/home decor. turns out, these are actually scented candles housed within ceramic containers, which comes with a lid. the makers went back into the fornasetti archives and created these new items with the original and iconic designs. the idea is that when the candle is full burned, the ceramic container can still be retained for other purposes and kept in the house as a work of art.

i really like it, i think it's going to the top of everyone's christmas wishlist. if you are interested, the ceramic potted candle is also available online here.

and then there's the beautiful ceramic pot/sphere with the iconic "tre visi / face" artwork. the pot could be filled with scented crystals, liquid or incense. too cute, i really really want 00o00ne of those. if you are keen, the ceramic "tre visi" sphere is available online here.

and when i thought it couldn't get better, or when my wishlist / shopping list is done: the ceramic topped and wooden base incense holder, with that iconic fornasetti red lips "clutching" an incense! it's an absolute stroke of genius, and so i have to repeat: i really really want 00o00ne of those. the incense box set is available online here.

perfect christmas / 'thank you' presents these are, i am definitely popping by selfridges to have a good look.


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  1. Just have red about it in a magazine! Nice product! Good idea!


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