Saturday, 23 October 2010


richard and cillian's latest post on "favourite moments in film" brought me back to a movie i loved so dearly. gattaca, along with great expectations, a single man and several of wong kar-wai's movies rank highly on my favourite movies list. i used to rave so much about gattaca to my friends. shot more than 10years ago, the movie still looks and feel amazingly current. beautiful cinematography, and i believed the costumes were all designed by giorgio armani too.

i am going to watch it again next weekend. i hope you will consider this massively underrated film for your next night in.



  1. I'm doing an extended article in the next issue of Decoy about why Gattaca is so perfect for a fashion based audience and the parallels that it draws in it's narrative, will send you a copy!
    Also any excuse to illustrate Uma and Ethan from this film.

  2. Gattaca is my favourite movie ever
    The utopia topic is always and forever a part of our life ...

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  4. Adore Gattaca and A Single Man. And yes, you're the only other person I've ever heard express appreciation for Great Expectations (beautiful, beautiful film - if flawed).

    The similarities between Gattaca and A Single Man are quite striking (tone, soundtrack etc)

  5. By chance, watched it on cable last night, well worth my time. Thanks for the heads up.


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