Friday, 1 October 2010

Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] at Balenciaga Spring 2011 show in Balenciaga

hidetoshi nakata /,

whilst the photographers were fixated at orlando bloom's attendance at yesterday's balenciaga spring 2011 show, hidetoshi nakata [中田英寿] also attended the show in a coat from balenciaga menswear fall winter 2010. nakata must be a close friend to ghesquiere or the house of balenciaga as he is almost always a front row fixture at their shows.

balenciaga fall winter 2010 /

i believed that nakata's hooded coat with contrasting sleeve detailing was made from wool. the version from the lookbook was however made from silk and viscose. the coat seemed a little too long for nakata, and the scrunched up trousers with over the top boots made him look rather stumpy, which he really isn't.

if you are keen, nakata's hooded black wool coat with contrasting sleeve detail is available online here.



  1. Hidetoshi Nakata is Ghesquiere's partner

  2. really??? i read it somewhere too, but thought it was just rumours!

  3. SHOCK~! I've trying to find the one made of "viscose & silk" but no where to find


what's he wearing?