Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Opening Ceremony Desert Boots | Pierre Hardy Sneakers

it was a fun filled weekend in paris. besides dabbling in a spot of retail therapy, i also visited the showroom of studiohomme.com. describing the experience as a kid in a candy store is very much of an understatement. i took quite a few pics, but first up let's look at a few of my favourite shoes.

the opening ceremony desert boots in green tweed was one of my favourites. i love shoes with slim and streamlined soles, it gives a very sleek and neat appearance. love everything about it, including the surprisingly "not-too-expensive" price tag.

i love my sneakers, and this pair of pierre hardy "cube" canvas sneakers is an enduring classic.

there were also two other pairs of shoes that i really really like. they are so new, they've not made it to the online store yet. i'll do a feature when i see them up on site, but trust me those will not last long...



  1. I want the first two in my closet! They look so sporty chic.

    Jose C.


  2. i like the pierre hardy sneakers


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