Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Russell Brand at "Despicable Me" London premiere in Rick Owens

russell brand / ph: gareth cattermole, getty images

i don't know what took so long, but pixar animation's dreamwork's "despicable me" is finally coming to london. at last night's film premiere, russell brand (who provided voice overs) wore a black leather jacket with an alexander mcqueen scarf, black skinny jeans paired with black boots. rather oddly, he then changed into a taupe/grey shearling jacket, and also swapped his black boots for the comfort of converse sneakers when he left the premiere.

russell brand / ph: gareth cattermole, getty images

i actually much preferred his "going home" outfit, which consisted of the shearling coat from rick owens fall winter 2010, and a beanie to keep all that greasy hair in place.

rick owens fall winter 2010 / gq.com

i never quite get russell's brand of appeal or his sense of style. if i can be honest, he didn't exactly "sell" that coat to me. however looking at the runway pic, i do like it, rather edgy. while i can't find the exact piece, a very similar piece from rick owens is available online here.

looking forward to watching "despicable me" in the cinemas soon!



  1. Mmm, I love that Jacket (and him, of course!) You'll see his appeal one day! :D

    Keri x

  2. i hate to sound like a crank, but i'm pretty sure it's dreamworks, not pixar! (had to point it out) :-)

  3. you are right, it's dreamworks! well you should know as you are the graphics/animation expert!

  4. still, haven't seen this movie :(


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