Saturday, 23 October 2010

Szymon Zürn Fall Winter 2010

it seems a little strange and a little daring to go against the fashion grain by launching your new fall winter collection in november, right when most retailers are going through mid season reductions now. but maybe i'm not the only one to find it odd that i have to buy my winter clothing in the deep of the august summer when most fall winter collections are in store. perhaps being niche and independent does have your advantage. sweden based designer szymon zürn's fall winter 2010 collection will officially launch on his website/store on 1st november. right when the weather here gets chilly, and i'm thinking about winter coats...

the piece that really got my attention, is the beautiful 'moonlight' shearling jacket. yes, it's that much of a statement/key piece from the collection that is deserves a name, 'moonlight'. the shearling jacket is constructed from soft lambskin, and it's an excellent example that shearling doesn't have to mean 'aviator-style'. i mentioned in an earlier post that a shearling jacket is not just for a season, it's for life, i guess this beautiful jacket pretty much sums it all.

the good news (or perhaps bad, if you missed the boat) is, there are only 6 pieces made. the pre-order is limited between 25 oct 2010 to 12 nov 2010. prices upon application, but i would urge you to contact them for more information.

i think it's amazing and commendable that being a small and niche retailer they have an online store too. visit for more info.



  1. That 'moonlight" shearling jacket is just too rad! You're always killing it with finding some really legit finds! Always inspiring.

  2. thank you :)

    that shearling jacket is so beautiful, a definite statement piece. i love it :)


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